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About me


Rachel (Lemurianark)

A passion for animals, all things energy, healing and art has brought me to this sacred place Lemurian Ark.


I aim to create a personal pathway and bridge of recognition, communication and healing between ourselves and the animal kingdom.

I have been on a spiritual path since childhood; however, as life flowed along, that path became more of a track that ran alongside to be crossed over every so often to gather knowledge for a time in the future. A change in life circumstances meant a reawakening and a re-discovery of that spiritual path.

An experience I had as a young child whilst at a circus (in the dark ages!) was the first time I realised that I could communicate clearly with Animals. After the show, we could visit the animals at the back of the tent. I can’t remember exactly what was said, but I remember the elephant looking deep into my eyes in a desperate plea for help.  It was so powerful. I burst out crying and was promptly removed from the tent. After that feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness I had as a child, it was a while until I was able or willing to communicate like that again, Only now being able to see from an adult's perspective. I have always been blessed and thankful to have animals assist me along my journey, and I couldn't imagine being without them.


My absolute passion is gathering that love of animals with continuous learning and quest for more expertise and information about the ancient earth knowledge, energy seeing, healing, and animal communication.

I am Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant and an Empath, which means I hear, feel and see the energy and can communicate intuitively with animals. As an artist, I found that I could see and tune in to the biofield of an animal whilst I was painting, and that information and visualisations were coming through to me intuitively.


With a foundation in fine art and Illustration and a BA Hons in Applied Arts, I am also passionate about art and the artistic process. I am thrilled and honoured to offer healing artworks and animal communications that will be unique to you and your animal.

 It is more than a portrait of the physical animal; we are capturing the eternal spirit essence.


 I co-create the art with my spirit team. I always feel the animals work with me too. We use digital painting techniques to intuitively convey the ENERGY and AURIC field that I am visualising and sensing. 

The process of painting digitally works wonderfully for me and puts me in the same space intuitively as traditional painting.

It is one of the tools I use to see the Auric field. As I work, I receive messages sometimes Clairaudiently (hearing the communication from the animal's higher self), or I receive an inner knowledge of information. I usually start with a photo and make it black and white so I don’t get any distractions from the background colours. 

This makes it easier for me to see the energy!

As I work, I intuitively see the aura and can feel the personality and essence of the animal. I then interpret that onto the digital canvas.

My artwork can take a while, from a few days or weeks, to complete.

 As I return to work on them each time, I find it easier to connect, and I can go deeper and get more information.

I can see subtle light energy on many layers, Intuitively and, more recently, physically. The appearance of the energy or Aura can change daily and appears to me to be moving and fluid, making it difficult to portray on a still canvas. This is why I opt for digital portraits, as I feel I can convey the subtle light in layers more accurately. 

Sometimes I see Symbols and energy patterns. 

Some of the information I include belongs to the human companion. A fascinating spiritual dialogue occurs between humans and animals that transfers into the artwork.
I am just a conduit for bringing it all together in one place. 

I am still learning to interpret all the information fully I see and receive. 

The images and information that come through teach me so much about the animals and what they are here to assist us with.

 And I have learnt to trust the process and do as I am guided.


What I love about this work is that I can incorporate  Reiki distance healing into my work as well, once I am connected. Even though they are printed, the image carries the healing.

As I work, I set the intention for healing. 

I always ask the animal's higher self for permission first ……

and THEN

The higher self of whoever commissioned the work. 

I intend that all images I co-create with the animal’s spirit essence will deliver healing to the viewer.


I have been developing my mediumship skills for several years now and have had many mentors. I have studied traditional and modern Reiki and trance channelling with a world-renowned medium and spiritual teacher, Jamie Butler ( I am thrilled to have her as my mentor for 2021 after completing an intensive mentorship program with her. 

As I am Guided to work with animals and Earth, I have been expanding my understanding of the Druidic framework of seership which has its roots in ancient knowledge of the Earth and nature. It is important to me that I continue my learning journey always. Communicating with animals is a great honour.