My Story





Rachel, also known as Lemurianark, has a passion for animals, all things energy, healing, mediumship, and art. She is committed to creating a personal pathway and bridge of recognition, communication, and healing between ourselves and the animal kingdom.

Rachel's spiritual journey began in childhood, and she discovered her ability to communicate with animals during a circus visit. This experience led to a lifelong love for animals, and she has been blessed and thankful to have them assist her on her journey.

As a clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and empath, Rachel hears, feels, and sees the energy and can communicate intuitively with animals. Her passion for gathering her love of animals with continuous learning and quest for more expertise and information about ancient earth knowledge, energy seeing, healing, and animal communication led her to create healing artworks and animal communications that are unique to her clients and their animals.

Alongside her BA(hons) in the Arts, she has also studied digital design and has had a passion for drawing and painting since childhood, with animals always being her favorite muse.

Rachel offers both digital and traditional art techniques and materials. She uses digital painting techniques to intuitively convey the energy and auric field that she visualizes and senses, while the traditional medium of canvas and brush allows her to explore the subtle differences in expression and nuances of color and texture.

The digital medium allows her to see the auric field, and the subtle light energy on many layers, which appears to her as moving and fluid. She can convey this more accurately in digital portraits, where she can depict the subtle light in layers. In contrast, traditional painting techniques allow her to capture the animal's physical essence and personality through brushstrokes, textures, and colors.

As Rachel works, she receives messages and inner knowledge of information from the animals and co-creates the art with her spirit team. The artwork process can take a while, from a few days or weeks to complete, as Rachel returns to work on them and connect deeper with the animal. The images and information that come through teach her so much about the animals and what they are here to assist us with.

Incorporating Reiki distance healing into her work, Rachel sets the intention for healing and asks for permission from the animal's higher self and whoever commissioned the work. Her co-created images and spirit essence deliver healing to the viewer.

Rachel has studied traditional and modern Reiki and trance channeling with a world-renowned medium and spiritual teacher, Jamie Butler, and has been expanding her understanding of the Druidic framework of seership, which has its roots in ancient knowledge of the Earth and nature. Communicating with animals is a great honor to Rachel, and she continues her learning journey always.