Why did I choose Lemurian Ark


I have always been fascinated with myths and legends.

One legend that particularly that took my imagination was that of Atlantis. However after reading about Atlantis I found that there was another lost continent, one that really resonated with me... that of Lemuria.

Just as the legend of Atlantis there is the perhaps lesser widely known legend of Lemuria. Both were believed to exist in the same time period but had very different qualities and beliefs. The Atlantian’s worked to develop technology and were materialistic with a thirst for power and War, while the Lemurians had an affinity with the planet, nature and animals. They were peace loving and Co-operative.

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 Lemuria or Mu is reputed to have existed where the Pacific and Indian Oceans are now. A Vast continent with pockets in places such as Madagascar Sri Lanka  Hawaii, south pacific islands, Easter Island, Fiji, New Zealand, Asia and Australia still holding the frequency of Lemuria still today. Interestingly these countries have animals and birds that are unique to them, such as the Lemurs of Madagascar of  whom it is said were named after the lost ancient continent.



The vision of Lemuria is one of crystal-clear waters and crystal mountains, with juicy fruit and breathtaking flowers: a Garden of Eden paradise. Where they were at one with nature and saw everything around them as sentient beings. They communicated with trees, flowers and animals.

The beings of Lemuria had special gifts. All were healers. All were team-orientated and focused on one love. A soul family vibe. It is said they were shapeshifters with an ability to change form, were able to use telepathy, and could also move in a similar way to whales, dolphins and birds, both on the land, through the air and the water.


Many myths speak of there being a great flood or cataclysm which brought about the end and sinking of Lemuria. Some Lemurians went into the ocean and shapeshifted into whales, dolphins and the Mer (Mermaids). Others went underground into tunnels deep in the earth. Others became the stone people. And others fled to other lands. Those that survived went on undercover attempting to integrate with the rest of the planet.

It is thought that the Lemurians became the shamans and healers of the globe, sharing their healing gifts and passing them on. Some believe that there is a Lemurian civilization living within and underneath Mount Shasta, a volcano  in California.

It is thought that at the end of the age of Lemuria, the Lemurians did what they could to store the wisdom by coding it into stones and crystals. 

Whether or not we believe Lemuria existed the ethos behind the legend resonates for me.

It is because of the Lemurian’s ability to connect and communicate with the animals and nature along with the respect and love for all that I find myself calling upon them(or that energy if you prefer) to assist me in my work. They truly are an inspiration.