I reached out to Rachel after listening to her describe her connection to animals since childhood and that she was an animal auric artist. 

I had a special little dachshund who I adopted and who had been severely abused and used as a litter producer. I called her Sugar Baby. 

Sugar Baby©lemurianark.com


She was so scared when I first brought her home. It took me many, many days to win her confidence. Sugar Baby had a great personality 

that really started to show when she started to relax. She was in my lap or at my feet everywhere I went. We had a very special bond.

I was not watching her when I moved the car and you can guess what happened. I was and still am devastated.


I asked Rachel to do an auric painting of Sugar Baby and I was overwhelmed when I saw it. It is so beautiful and shows that Rachel connected 

to Sugar Baby and captured her loving image in a beautiful way. The colors are beautiful and her sweet expression is there to see. Rachel sent 

me her impressions and thoughts when communicating with Sugar Baby and it is a wonderful message to receive. 

My heartfelt thanks to Rachel for the work and the connection she had with Sugar Baby!

                                                  Jane H USA





A wonderful representation and legacy of my friend Senator. This painting really captures the spirit and essence of Senator, his image emerges more each time I see it,
Thank you Rachel Ashby for your amazing work.

                                                   Jane H UK