1. Does the animal that will be the focus of the painting need to be living, or can s/he be deceased?


I connect to the animal’s higher self or soul essence if you like, so it does not matter if the animal is living or deceased. The soul is still very much alive in energy form without the earthly body.

They may give information about their day-to-day lives, i.e. what food they like or how they may get along with members of the household animal or human.

They may share from a higher perspective and talk about past lives and how they are getting along now if they have transitioned.

As with people, some animals are chatty, and some are more reserved.

Please be aware that some may not share much at all. Some animal communicators have shown and shared that it is possible they don’t want to communicate at all. However, I have not experienced this yet!



2. What is required from the customer(me)? 


This is the information I require:


I would like the name and gender; I also ask if the animal has already transitioned.

This is because I need to ensure it is the correct animal I am communicating with. ( sometimes, other animals  you may have a connection with past or present step forward)


I request at least three photos. Five or six are best in different poses. This is for the artwork composition as well as a tool for me to connect to your beloved animal companion. 

If you have a favourite pose on which you would like to base the artwork, please number the photos and let me know. Otherwise, no problem, I will choose a composition that I think best suits. Remember, you are purchasing what will be a valued physical memorial in years to come as well as a communication connection. 




3. How is the cost of the artwork determined?


The cost is a set price for 24x24 inch or 24 x26 inch canvas. Please state your preference when you pay on the website. I create the image with this in mind, as with digital art, it is essential to have the correct dimensions for the quality of the picture.

 It is also determined by the hours of education, work, skills and experience it takes to create a highly professional standard of work for the technical side and the mediumship skills I employ to observe the energy around the animal so I can convey the colours and other images that may be included within the physical artwork.

I work with your animal to portray any visuals, i.e. shapes or symbols that could be included. It is very much a co-creation with the animal.


 Another factor is the High-quality printing process.


I use a professional museum/ gallery quality Giclée ink fine art printing process by fine art registered printers to provide an artwork that will last, and the colours will not fade. The finest canvas is hand-stretched on the frame with sturdy metal mounts by artisans who love their work. From my own artist’s perspective, When you are purchasing such a personal piece that takes me many days of loving work (sometimes weeks) to create, I believe in providing the best possible materials to honour that process, honour the soul of the animal and offer a lasting legacy of healing and memorial. Especially if you are grieving the loss of a beloved animal.Taking time and care in this process to honour the soul of all involved is essential to me.

4. Is the cost agreed/paid in full prior to starting the work? Or 1/2 paid before, 1/2 paid once finished? etc. 


The cost is paid in full prior to starting work.


I will send a digital proof for your approval before I send it to print that way, if there are any outstanding issues or you are unhappy, we can resolve them immediately. Ultimately I want you to be happy with your artwork and reading.

I appreciate that the outlay of a commission can be a lot upfront. 


Unfortunately, I don’t have the facility for paying in instalments yet, but if this is something you would be interested in, I believe  PayPal can offer pay in three option if you pay with them.


I do hope this answers your questions.