How I work

As an artist and animal intuitive, I use art as a tool to connect to spirit. I work alongside my own guides and the team of guides working with the animal and their human companion, using various digital and traditional painting techniques and materials to intuitively convey and communicate the energy and auric field that I visualize, hear, and sense.

Digital painting works wonderfully for me and puts me in the same intuitive space as traditional painting. It's one of the tools I use to see the auric field and receive messages and inner knowledge of information, along with visualizations. I usually start with a colour photo, then I sketch a black and white pencil drawing. I then make the photo black and white to eliminate distractions from the background colours, which makes it easier for me to see the energy before I get to work.

As I work, I intuitively see the aura and can feel the personality and essence of the animal. I then interpret that onto the canvas, whether digital or traditional. My artworks can take a while, from a few days to even weeks to complete. As I return to work on them, I find it easier to connect and go deeper to receive more information.

I can see subtle light energy on many layers, intuitively and more recently, physically. Sometimes I see symbols and energy patterns. Some of the information I include belongs to the human companion and can show how the animal is connected and assisting the human. There's an interesting spiritual dialogue taking place between us, the human, and our animals that transfers into the artwork.

As a Reiki 2 practitioner, I can also incorporate Reiki distance healing into my work, once I am connected. Even though they are printed, the image carries the vibration of healing. Before starting to work, I ask if Reiki is needed, and then I set the intention for healing in the painting. I always ask the animal's higher self for permission first and then the higher self of whoever commissioned the work. I also include all other members of the household, human, and animal, then set the intention to benefit all.

The healing intention is for all the humans viewing the painting, as much as it is for the animal. Just having a lovely artwork to look at every day releases those feel-good hormones, and we are then in a space to receive the Reiki healing. Our animals will pick up on those hormones as we view the painting, making them feel good too in return.

Reiki charged images can help us align with our animal family energetically, whether a beloved animal has passed or not. If an animal has transitioned, I can still connect to their energy and express and convey that to canvas in a beautiful memorial.