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Every so often we hear of  the terrible conditions that animals have to face due to all manor of circumstances whether they may be natural or influenced by human activity

This includes fire, flooding adverse weather conditions, loss of habitat and War.

At Lemurian Ark we are passionate about doing all we can to help those who are taking care of the animals affected at a local level.

We are going to donate as much artwork as we can to raise funds for animal sanctuaries and shelters.

The charities are all registered and global as we view our planet's animals as one.

 If you are viewing this page please consider sharing the charity artworks we post to Red Bubble/society 6 on your social media we appreciate all the love and shares!

 (link below) ALL our artists proceeds from RedBubble/Society6 will go to the charities (20%) payed to us after it has been shipped by them.

 Please note NOT ALL products in the LEMURIAN ARK  Red Bubble/society6 shop are for charity but ones that are will be clearly marked!

 Charity Artworks are NOT Auric Field Energy Artworks.

We are also considering limited edition prints of these special artworks coming soon, and an auction for the originals.

please reach out if you are interested in purchasing these special editions and helping these charities

 If you are an animal charity in need of help please get in touch.



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Whilst working on this piece I was actually smelling the pine forests and seeing the purple heather of the wild  majestic Scottish countryside where these stunning cats are barely surviving.

Only approximately 35 left in the wild their habitat is under threat.

For every six sold on this website, I will donate one large limited edition fine art print on to be auctioned for the WILDCAT HAVEN a conservation group dedicated to saving the Scottish wildcat.

I am also donating all my artist proceeds for other products with this image in my society 6 shop to help this cause.



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 "Hope after the flames"


 Artwork image( original)  for Greek Animal Rescue (Painted acrylic on canvas board)

All artist proceeds go to animal charity,

Greek Animal Rescue reg 802243 (UK)

I was inspired by the horrifying image of the native Greek tortoise trapped in the flames.

These special animals can reach ages upwards of 125 years and possibly 200 years old

I think they deserve to be the symbol of awareness for not just the domesticated but all the native species that tragically lost their lives in the wildfires of Greece this summer.

It is my hope to raise funds with this artwork to care for all those animals that need help and shelter.

on behalf of the animals of the world

Please donate to the charity above even if you don't buy any artwork.

With love and gratitude.

 For the Wild Mustang collective

in the U.S.A

I am currently looking for the appropriate shelter to team up with who are doing the amazing work of rescuing rehabilitating and releasing them back into the wild.

I will update as soon as I can with those details.

 Please share on your social media it means so many more animals and horses can be helped.

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