Auric field Energy portrait

It is my passion to work with the animals and co-create their portrait with them in a unique and heartfelt way

As an Animal and Nature aura energy reader,

Traditional Painter,Digital Artist, Digital Creator, and Animal Intuitive

I have developed an ability over time to interpret an animal's soul essence through the colours, patterns and symbols in their energetic field and transcribe it onto canvas and video media,

These Traditionaly painted and digitally hand-drawn portraits will capture your beloved animal companion's physical beauty, energetic aura and soul essence.

If you're open to receiving a one-of-a-kind piece of art that captures your best friend's character, mind-body, and soul, I invite you to experience the magic of animal-intuitive interpretation and digital artistry together alternatively let me interpret your special animal companions in a more traditional media of oil paint.

Energy Portraits for Animals

Have you noticed your animal's energetic field?

Animal lovers and guardians have always picked up on subtle and not-so-subtle signs and signals that animals use to communicate. 

Their personality, thoughts, purpose, wants, needs, and feelings make up the soul essence that makes them unique, whether on this earth with us or with us whilst transitioned.

It is my honour to co-create with their spirit essence during the process of interpreting their energy onto canvas to convey an in-depth portrait of your animal. 

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Owl guardians

Digital Fine Art Print

Do you love Owls? or do you Have one or more with you as guides?

Allow them to watch over you always.

I can also work with you to create a unique artwork that encompasses your personal animal spirit guides and totem animals.

Museum/Gallery quality print with fine art Giclee inks on Hand stretched Canvas.

This work was created for a shaman. She has an owl as her Totem animal. The owls are alongside her spirit guides, teaching wisdom clarity 360 º view.

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Remembering Lemuria

My artwork is deeply inspired by nature, animals, and the profound connection we share with the universe. Remembering Lemuria is a beautiful depiction of a Lemurian earth angel who dwells by the sea. In this piece, she holds a Merkabah, a sacred vessel that contains all the elements necessary to create and sustain life on earth: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. As a loving guardian of all creatures, from the birds of the air to the creatures of the land and sea, she radiates a powerful energy of harmony and balance. Through her gentle presence, she reminds us of our own inherent connection to the natural world and the importance of honoring and protecting it. This artwork is a vibrant and inspiring representation of the beauty and power of nature and our place within it.

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Black and White Sketch Portrait

Experience the beauty and essence of your beloved animal companion captured in a timeless black and white pencil sketch. As an artist and animal intuitive, I always start by sketching by hand, which allows me to connect deeply with the soul essence of the animal.

The sketching process helps me to tune in to the frequency of the animal, discovering its unique personality and spirit, and bringing it forward in the artwork. There's something magical that happens when you focus on an animal as you draw, and it's what makes us recognize our special animal companions.

Although I also love interpreting colors in an animal's aura for more in-depth artwork, a black and white pencil sketch can capture the underlying soul essence beautifully. And for a limited time, I am offering an unframed A4 size hand-drawn sketch, providing you with a unique and personal keepsake of your animal companion. Click here for details on how to get your own hand-drawn sketch.

Your Animal Companion Sketch

The welsh Corgi

The Welsh Corgi has playful, Vibrant energy. This is reflected in the brush strokes of this digital portrait.

In this piece I wanted to capture the energy of the breed itself.

The Aura and energy field of the Corgi is multi-layered. Very light with sparkles and swirly lines. Anyone with a Corgi in their home knows their happy nature and presence are much bigger than their physical size!

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Animal Aura Traditional Oil Paintings on Canvas

Discover the Essence of Your Animal Companion Through a Unique and Expressive Oil Painting. Oils bring another dimension to the depth of a portrait. The colours and effects of the brush strokes that convey the subtle light energy during the process of creating these portraits are intuitive, just as they are when I paint digitally, However, the physical process of mixing the paint and applying it to the canvas reminds me more of a traditional ritual which can create its own energy. The image appearing and building in front of me can’t be rushed as it takes time to dry between layers. It truly is a magical process.

The companion package

All of my offerings in one beautiful package.

This bespoke package is a combination of a unique Oil painting on canvas with an extra dimension of a seperate gallery quality print that really portrays the mystical side of your animal. This includes an intuitive Animal Communication, and a description of the symbols and colours that came through as I worked on the painting.

Please e mail me for details and any questions if you are interested in this unique package.

  • Scottish Wild Cat

  • Soul Essence
  • Scottish Wild Cat

  • Digital Painting
  • Senator

  • Oils & Digital
  • Rabbit Energy

  • Digital Painting
  • Rainbow Bridge

  • Come with me

Scottish Wild Cat

Soul Essence

Scottish Wild Cat

Digital Painting


Oils & Digital

Rabbit Energy

Digital Painting

Rainbow Bridge

Come with me

Animals show us how to still our minds for creativity to flow