Did you know that our animals communicate with us on many levels?

As an artist and psychic intuitive, I connect to your animal companion's energy to create an exceptional digitally hand-drawn artwork of their soul essence.

My name is Rachel, and it is my passion to interpret and convey their beautiful Auras onto the canvas and offer an in-depth portrait that represents our very best friends' character, mind-body, and soul.


Umi Galactic Cat

Digital Fine Art Print

Umi is digitally hand drawn with many layers, patterns and colours utterly unique to him and his Human companion.

This image is an exact interpretation of the energy as I see it around him. This is so with all the animals I work with for Auric field portraits.

All my work is created from scratch, just as it would be on the traditional blank canvas with paint and brush. It is the only way to interpret the colours, layers, and patterns I see authentically; the only difference is I use a specialist fine art digital pen and tablet with many professional software applications to achieve the best results I possibly can digitally.

Museum/Gallery quality print with fine art Giclee inks on Hand stretched Canvas.

All commissioned artwork is printed by An award-winning small business specialist Fine art printer.


Rainbow Horse Dreams

Digital Art print

A healing energy form the wild mustang collective.

A similar version is available with ALL ARTIST proceeds going to a selection of horse shelters in the USA that help wild Mustangs heal after wild fire rescue

You can find the charity version here :


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Owl guardians

Digital Fine Art Print

Do you love Owls? or do you Have one or more with you as guides?

Allow them to watch over you always.

I can also work with you to create a unique artwork that encompasses your personal animal spirit guides and totem animals.

Please reach out at lemurianark@gmail.com

Museum/Gallery quality print with fine art Giclee inks on Hand stretched Canvas.

This work was created for a shaman. She has an owl as her Totem animal. The owls are alongside her spirit guides, teaching wisdom clarity 360 º view.

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The Welsh Corgi

The Welsh Corgi has playful, Vibrant energy. This is reflected in the brush strokes of this latest digital portrait.

The Aura and energy field of the Corgi is multi-layered. Very light with sparkles and swirly lines. Anyone with a Corgi in their home knows their happy nature and presence are much bigger than their physical size!

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Remembering Lemuria

I am inspired to create artwork by all aspects of nature,animals and the universal connection to life upon the earth.

Remembering Lemuria is a depiction of a Lemurian earth angel who resides by the sea. she is holding a Merkabah or vessle which contains all the elements to create life on earth. (Ether,air,fire,water and earth)

She lovingly assists all creatures of air, land and sea.

The Stag & the Solstice

Animals show us how to still our minds for creativity to flow