Intuitive Digital Energy portrait of your very own animal companion on CANVAS

Intuitive Digital Energy portrait of your very own animal companion on CANVAS

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Behold, a glimpse into the world of soulful artistry, exemplified by a portrait like that of Umi, the beloved feline companion.

In every brushstroke, every hue, and every symbol, we craft a unique masterpiece, a tapestry of personal meaning that resonates deeply with your animal companion's essence. Each work is a sacred manifestation, born from the fusion of digital and hand-drawn illustrations, meticulously reproduced on the finest Canvas or Fine Art Paper.

Whether your cherished animal is here with us or has embarked on a different journey, we possess the gift to interpret their auric field and tune into their loving messages. It is an honour to convey what we perceive through sight, sound, emotion, and intuition into an artwork that captures their energy—a source of insight, healing, and joy for you and your dear companion.

This artwork becomes a bridge of awareness, facilitating your direct connection to your animal friend, allowing you to receive their loving guidance and healing effortlessly. Before we send you the physical piece, we share a photo of the completed work, inviting you to envision its place in your sacred space.

With this unique creation, you not only receive a tangible piece of art but also an intuitive reading and interpretation, accompanied by the messages the animal entrusted us with during our collaborative process. This reading is delivered to you through a heartfelt digital video, sent via email following your receipt of the artwork.

Embracing diversity in the co-creation process; each artwork is a bespoke narrative, a canvas of the animal's unique essence. Some may contain Reiki symbols, the language of light, or layers of auric field colours of varying intensity. Hints of other animals, shamanic power, or ancient symbols may emerge from the depths of the artwork—it all depends on what the spirit reveals.

Rest assured, your artwork is an exclusive edition, marked as number one, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it is printed on the highest quality canvas or optional Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper, utilizing the Giclée ink fine art process.

Please note that the option we offer is unframed, allowing you the freedom to choose how this sacred piece finds its place within your spiritual sanctuary.

 If you wish to have a larger (or smaller) canvas, please feel free to reach out and email me for a price.

I, as the Artist (Rachel@lemurianark)will still own the image and the Copywrite and reserve the right to reproduce the image.