About Animal Energy Portraits

Yes animal's have auras too!

This beautiful soul is Umi.

Umi and I created this artwork together for his guardians after he transitioned and crossed the rainbow bridge.

In this example of an animal energy field portrait, whilst still being a lovely portrait of your animal, we have the addition of the energy body. This is something that most artists tap into when painting an animal or a human. They capture the essence that makes the subject an individual. It’s a seemingly invisible essence that translates into you knowing it is your dog or cat, not just a dog or cat. 

I will explain some ways to translate energy and how I interpret messages. 

The animal and I work together to co-create this healing artwork. I feel that the animal is working through me. It is my honour and pleasure to be of service.

I feel that those guided to my work are guided by their animal(s)

 If you have ever seen an aura photo or have perhaps seen an aura yourself, you will know that they are multi-layered, can consist of many colours, can sometimes reach far from the physical body or close to the physical body and can respond to different frequencies, Including our thoughts, feelings and of those around us. It can react to sound frequencies and vibrations, both natural and artificial. Both humans and animals use their energetic bodies daily to survive and communicate, although some humans can be less conscious of this. The animals are still very connected to their primal selves.

Everyone has the ability to see the aura. If you are a keen dowser and enjoy looking for energy lines or water with a pendulum, copper rods, and perhaps the traditional Hazel, you can measure someone’s energetic field.

 It’s a great exercise to physically see where the aura is by asking a willing friend to consciously bring their energy in by thinking of sad thoughts or memories, switching to fun thoughts and happy memories, and measuring the edge of their auric field.

You can also learn to see it with your peripheral vision. I will say more about that on another page.

When I connected to Umi, he showed me colours and symbols.

They all have meaning.


For a transitioned animal, I notice two categories of colours, Earthy tones and what I call spirit tones. 

Earthy tones are the colours that refer to the animal’s life on earth, and spirit tones are his soul essence.

In human aura, muted tones have a different interpretation. Animals being of the earth and in tune with all of Mother Nature may have a vibrancy and muted earthy colours in their aura. 

In Umi’s aura, he had shades of blue, a sign of devotion to his family and his calm and quiet nature.

His higher soul had purples, pinks, and violet. The purple can represent an ability and strength to help his human companions learn from a challenging experience on a spiritual level. 

Many shades of subtle light energy can provide insight and messages. That is why I enjoy the digital medium for aura portraits; you can layer subtle tones without the paint becoming muddy to express depth and vibrancy. 

Symbols & Healing

The animals can also give symbols.(However this isn't always the case) These can be light language, shapes, energy codes and Reiki symbols. These usually have a personal meaning to their family or are provided as a gift of healing. When the portrait is hung, the symbols radiate whatever is needed.

Once the human companion makes a connection with the painting, you are intuitively guided as to the best location to hang the artwork. I listen to the animal’s instructions regarding the size, location and subtlety of the symbols included. The healing will continue to flow through the image.

This can work both ways.We send love to our animals with intention, whatever the circumstance. If for example an animal is sick or we are sick, sending love and healing as they do for us can make a massive difference in a peaceful transition or recovery. There can be many scenarios where healing is given through symbols. It doesn't matter if the animal is in spirit energy flows where it's needed both ways.

The animal may also give me a channelled message to pass on to you. 

Not just for transitioned animals, All our beloved animal companions that share our lives with us would like to communicate. 

I will provide an interpretation of everything that comes through from your animal, along with the portrait.

I will send you a digital version of the portrait for your approval before we go to print. I use award-winning fine art specialist printers with gallery-quality Giclée printing inks and hand-stretched canvas.


 I welcome questions, so please reach out to me: contact@lemurianark.com