Eternal Companions, Spirits Entwined- Soul Essence Mixed Media Portrait

"Eternal Companions: Spirits Entwined" - A Soul Essence Portrait in Mixed Media

Embark on a transcendent artistic journey with "Eternal Companions: Spirits Entwined," a bespoke mixed media portrait that captures the irreplaceable bond between you and your animal companion. This is not merely a painting; it's a soulful collaboration that results in an original piece as unique as the connection you share with your Animal Companion.

From the initial email to our intimate Zoom consultation, I dedicate myself to understanding and channelling the essence of your animal's spirit. I co-create with your animal and you, using colours and elements that resonate with your shared experiences. I weave in symbols and messages that may only be perceptible up close, adding to the portrait's mystique and personal significance. 

This work is very much a collaboration triangle between human guardian, animal, and artist. It brings your shared memories together and interprets them onto canvas to make it work as a unique stand-alone art piece.

The artwork, presented on a 20 x 24-inch canvas cradled in a floating bespoke wooden frame, becomes a sanctuary of memories and a beacon of the spiritual journey you've embarked on with your special friend. Each commission is an authentic, one-of-a-kind creation, starting at £1,800, exclusive of framing and shipping. Given the personalised nature of each portrait, the price may vary, with the definitive cost provided after our initial consultation.

To commence this venture into artistic alchemy, an initial non-refundable deposit of £800 is requested. This gesture of commitment allows me to begin drafting the digital source rendition that sets the stage for your unique artwork. I will email this for approval before commencing the main piece. The balance, reflective of the bespoke creation's final price, will be due upon completion, with the subsequent addition of frame and shipping costs. Once received, it will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

This service is more than a commission; it's an investment in a tangible expression of the unique soul essence of your beloved animal, an original piece that stands as a testament to the love and spiritual connection that defies the limits of the physical world.