Spirit led portraits


Unveiling the Essence of Connection Through Art

At the heart of each spirit-led portrait is a profound dialogue between the artist and the unseen. From choosing the media and materials to include in the portrait to the mark-making and brush strokes, I am not merely creating a painting; I am receiving and translating. Each stroke is informed by feelings, blocks of thought, and images conveyed by your animal’s spirit, offering glimpses into the profound bond and experiences you shared.

The Intuitive Process

My painting process is deeply intuitive and uniquely spiritual. As I connect with your animal companion, whether they are physically present or have transitioned beyond, I receive intuitive messages. These can be feelings, visual flashes, or thought impressions that the animal communicates to me. This guidance shapes the portrait, infusing it with elements and energies unseen but profoundly felt.

Co-Creation with Your Guardian Spirit

What makes each portrait truly personal and deeply touching is its inclusiveness of the human guardian. Sometimes, your animal companion directs me to incorporate specific aspects of your life or personality. These are not random; they are the elements your animal feels are essential to the story and connection we are depicting. This process ensures that the artwork is not only a portrait of them but also reflects their perception and relationship with you, the guardian.

A Personal Piece of Art

The result is a spirit-led portrait that goes beyond traditional art. It is a personalised, multi-dimensional homage to your bond with your animal companion. Each painting celebrates love, life, and spiritual continuity, capturing not just the likeness but the very essence of the relationship.

Experience the Magic

If you're drawn to understand more about this intimate art form or wish to commission a spirit-led portrait, I invite you to connect. Let's embark on this beautiful artistic journey together, creating a masterpiece that is as meaningful and healing as it is beautiful.